Message from Management

The KIOXIA Group aims to change the world through the storage and usage of "Memories" created by society and to create new "Values" according to its mission to "Uplift the world with 'memory'".

KIOXIA Group's business is based on development, manufacturing, and sales of flash memory and related products. Flash memory stores information as a part of our electronic devices, including smartphones, computers, automobiles, and household appliances, as well as at data centers and in other aspects of our information infrastructure. Today, flash memory has become a fundamental industrial component of social and digital infrastructure.

Due to technological innovation with our digital society, the need for flash memory is rapidly increasing. The KIOXIA Group will offer high production capacity and technology capabilities for manufacturing high-capacity and high-performance flash memory in response to market expansion.

To meet the goals of this plan, KIOXIA Iwate Corporation completed construction of a new fabrication facility and started mass production in 2020. As KIOXIA Group's advanced manufacturing facilities for 3D flash memory, we will challenge new possibilities as we reach out to the world from Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture. We are committed to making social contributions to the local community through our fabrication facility to earn the trust of the community and our customers. We would appreciate your continued support and cooperation in the future.

Koichiro Shibayama
President and Chief Executive Officer
KIOXIA Iwate Corporation